Rooted in Belgian soil



Rayah Wauters (BE) founded Atelier Nauwau in 2013 together with her husband & arborist Niels Arnauts. Their main goal was to keep as many trees as possible to make sure they wouldn't end up heating your home. In 2018 she restructured the concept together with her sister and business partner Shana Wauters.



For their objects, they only use Belgian quality wood coming from trees that were felled for a specific reason; storm damage, sickness, death etc. Nauwau does not purchase any material from the wood industry. So sometimes, the wood you prefer is not in stock. But they can assure you; Mother Nature has plenty of undiscovered beauty to fulfill your wishes.


Conceptual philosophy

The material is dominant to the enactment of the design. Actually, there is no such thing as design since its shape has been outlined by nature. It is by bounding these raw elements that a design becomes materialised in pure poetic archetypes where functionality is secundary.